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Beneath the Upper Room Perusal Script

Beneath the Upper Room Perusal Script Image

Beneath the Upper Room

by Kevin M Reese


(30 minutes All Ages) [10W, 4M, 3Ch play 17 roles]
The Last Supper from the perspective of the women serving Jesus and his disciples. Ezekiel, the servant to the owner of the Upper Room, invites us to the place where Jesus and his Disciples are about to celebrate their Passover Meal (his Last Supper). There, in the kitchen, we see the women of Jesus' group busily preparing the traditional meal. Course by course, they prepare and serve the meal to the Disciples, then return to the kitchen to report what they saw happening in the Upper Room-- and how it affects them. The only Disciples we see are Judas and Peter as they pass through the kitchen on their way to and from the Upper Room. The play ends after Jesus and his Disciples have finished their meal, headed off to the Mount of Olives, and the women finish cleaning up. Add the provided Communion service and it’s the perfect hour-long Maundy Thursday service!
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